Terry Minami UPDATE

Terry Minami UPDATE

I received the following update from Alice Specht:

Terry Minami, Richardson Library Administrative Asst., has been fighting pancreatic cancer since early May 2012.  She has been receiving radiation and chemo treatments until the week of November 15th.   She is expecting to have more tests and scans completed on December 10th to see if the treatment has been effective.

Terry has been the bright smiling face in the library office for the last 18 years.  She has been the manager for the HSU Brand, the sponsor for APO, and sponsor for the International Student Fellowship.  Terry volunteers her talents by folding Origami for HSU classes in math and education, for ESC14 Teacher Education, for the Abilene Public Library, for many elementary schools in this region as well as other public libraries.

She is back at home in Milwaukee living with her mother Ruth Minami while in treatment.

Ways you can help:

  • The library sends her a package with mail on most Fridays, so can drop a card or note by the library
  • To send a card directly, her home address is: 9840 W. Palmetto Ave, Wauwatosa, WI 53222
  • Her two German shepherd dogs are staying at the vet, and may require fostering if Terry remains out of town much longer.
  • “Like” this entry to indicate you’ve prayed for Terry
  • Leave a message for Terry by clicking “Leave a reply”
  • For other ideas, click here

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