UPDATE Zak Scales

UPDATE Zak Scales

This came in from Chris Scales:
At 1:35 am:  We are asking for prayers far and wide.  Whoever you know.  Zak is still vomiting.  Not as bad as he was before, but still enough to be a concern.  The docs at this time don’t think it’s tumor related, but it is a possibility.  They are considering an MRI later this week if he is still vomiting like he is.  Neither Jen nor myself is ready for that right now (if the MRI isn’t good.)  He’s scheduled to start his 3rd round of chemo this Friday, and so we move forward continuing to hope for the best.  We appreciate your prayers and ask that you keep them coming.
At 5:55 am:  Zak ate a few bites of pudding and some donut yesterday evening and kept it all down.  He even took some meds by mouth and didn’t throw up.  I’m hoping that this shows the vomiting is not tumor related.  I’ve heard that some kids going through this can get pukey just because.  The docs don’t think it’s the chemo because he is too far out from his last chemo.  My fear was tumor related, but the docs were thinking other possible causes.  This morning Zak is going to have a feeding tube surgically placed through his stomach and down into his intestines.  He will not have a g-button.  This is something different but similar.  It will be a tube sticking out of his side.  The procedure will be at 8:30 this morning.  It should only last about an hour.

I just spoke to the doctor and all went well with the procedure. He is headed to recovery and then will be back in the room shortly. Thank you for your prayers, they mean the world to us.

Wednesday, December 5th

Today is a better day. Zak is still throwing up but the docs think it’s because of his feeding tube surgically placed in his stomach. He is doing better today than he was yesterday. Jennifer (my wife) is heading back to Lubbock with our newborn to be with our girls.

Zakkerey continues to improve (“small steps, big miracles”) a little each day.

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