UPDATE Zac Scales

UPDATE Zac Scales

Joyce Bachert sent this to me from Chris Scales:

I have been up almost all night long with Zak vomiting & Jen has been up all night with Matthyew (newborn). These are the years that drive parents or at least Jen & me into maddness. Zak has a lot of mucus and the docs are having a time getting it under control. Matthyew still has his days & nights mixed up. He sleeps all day and wants to be up all night. I think Jen has gone beyond exaustion. Pray for Jen and Matt. She loves him so much but she can’t function the way she needs. I’m getting used to it. After eight years of university life & staying up nights writing papers & preparing projects got me ready (kind of) for staying up with Zak. I think of how rough this is and than remember that there are others going through trials far worse than we are. This is difficult but it could be so much worse. GOD has blessed us with loving people. Now all we need is to be blessed with sleep which is  probably over-rated anyway. Continue praying for Zak to get better but also pray for Jen to get sleep.

Facebook from last night:

Zak is almost done with 3rd round of chemo–just has some small doses to do left.  He will have an MRI done on Wednesday or Thursday next week.  He will also have a spinal tap and other tests to check on the cancer.  Please pray the cancer is going away.

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