UPDATE Zac Scales

UPDATE Zac Scales

This from Chris Scales via Joyce Bachert

Update from yesterday:
Ok, so the results of the first three treatments, the prestem cell treatments, docs say that the cancer has been greatly diminished. He has finished his first of three intense chemo treatment and is getting stem cells today (later this morning). Even if MRI reveals cancer to be gone after first or second treatment, all three will be administered to make sure nothing is missed.

Update from this morning:
Just a side of humor 🙂
Jennifer said that she would never eat creamed corn again.
Zakk received his first stem cell treatment yesterday. There is a preservative that is put into the stem cells before freezing them. The preservative has a heavy smell of creamed corn. The docs say that it will linger for a couple of days. It’s almost sickening, but on the flip side it is also one of those little things that we endure because Zakk is getting better. He is playing and interacting with the medical staff more and more. Beforehand he wanted nothing to do with them. He is slowly getting stronger.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support, they are more valuable to us than gold.

In case you were wondering, here is the address where the family is receiving mail during this time:
Zakkerey Scales
Cook Children’s Hospital
801 7th Ave
Rm (BMT) 505

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