UPDATE: Zak Scales

UPDATE: Zak Scales

This from Chris via Joyce Bachert:

From 1/11/13:

Jen is sick this morning. It appears to be more of a sinus infection than anything else and a headache to go along with it. I have had a headache since yesterday. Matthyew sleeps all day and then thinks that play time should start at 6 in the evening. I didn’t get to bed until close to midnight. Zak is ok. The docs say that his shunt is working. So now it will be more medication to help him as he goes through all the effects of the chemo and transplant mess. Some of the meds that he is on to help him relax can also damage the liver and kidneys. Lots of stuff to deal with. Thank GOD that the shunt is ok. GOD, protect his little body. We recently found out that the chemo that is killing the cancer can also cause leukemia.


From 1/14/13:

This is going to be one of Zak’s worst weeks. His immune system is bottoming out. His temp has reached 104° but is being controlled (to some degree) by meds. He struggles to get comfortable, finding it difficult. Zak is on a constant morphine drip to help control his pain levels. He has been taken off of his regular feeds and is on I.V. feeds. Docs say that all of this is to be expected. Jen contracted a sinus infection over the weekend and because of my exposure to Jen, both of us have to stay away from seeing Zak for risk of infection to him. My mother is presently staying with Zak in isolation, so thankfully he is not alone. It will be a while before we can go to see him, and this is going to be especially hard on Jen. She has already been crying because she can’t see her child. Stress is building up.  We are learning to deal with it as best we can.

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