UPDATE: Zak Scales Jan. 15

UPDATE: Zak Scales Jan. 15

This from Chris via Joyce Bachert:

Monday Night at 5:21:

Zak’s blood pressure is low. It is an expected side effect of the intense chemo that he is getting. The docs are working on getting him better, but he still fills really crummy and his energy is very low.

Monday Night at 7:50:

I came to the hospital this evening. Zak is not feeling well. He is on oxygen.  Zak has a bacteria in his blood. He is getting antibiotics to kill the bacteria, but as the bacteria dies it is releasing toxins that are causing havoc in his system. He is in pain tonight because of this. He is being closely monitored& if his condition worsens then he goes to ICU for closer observation and meds.

Pray for him, this will last a couple of days.

Throughout the night on Monday:

Zak is in the ICU for a couple of days for closer observation.  His situation warrants it.

Zak’s situation is very serious.  He is getting an air tube and there is fluid in his chest.  He needs serious prayers

Tuesday morning at 7:15 am

Zak is hooked up to a breathing tube as of late last night and he was put under sedation to help maintain his pain. Doctors think that the pain was causing him to have trouble breathing. He has sores from his mouth to his tummy because of the chemo and breathing in air could be very painful for him. Right now he appears comfortable. There is still a build-up of fluid in his chest. Docs say that it’s his body over-compensating in trying to fight the infection. He is expected to be in ICU for two or more days. He has a lot more battle ground to cover. With and through GOD’s strength, wisdom, knowledge, endurance, mercy, power, and grace Zak should pull through all of this mess.  I claim today in the name of JESUS Psalm 23, Isaiah 40: 28-31, Psalm 116: 1-2, Psalm 18, there are so many others that I presently am not thinking about.  The GOD of creation provides for our every need (Matthew 7: 7-11). I ask for Zakkerey’s healing (Matthew 6: 25-34) this is most definitely hard for me.  Please pray.

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