UPDATE Zak Scales Jan. 16th

UPDATE Zak Scales Jan. 16th

This from Chris via Joyce Bachert:

Tuesday Afternoon:

Ok, Zak is in the ICU. He is going on Dialysis to help clean out his blood. As the meds kill the blood infection it’s releasing toxins that are causing the greatest trouble. He is in procedure now having dialysis hooked up to his leg and there are risks involved such as hitting an artery that could cause blood loss among other potential problems. He will also have his plasma replaced with “clean plasma”. The risks are blood diseases. Both should help to clean his blood. His body is very weak, he has been taking hit after hit. He needs prayers, all of this is very serious stuff. He is in very risky territory right now and will be for a few days. He needs serious prayers for this.


Tuesday evening:

Zak is retaining fluids. He is taking in more than he is putting out. The dialysis will hopefully help with this. His veins are leaking fluids into his tissue.


Wednesday morning:

Zakkerey is doing a little worse this morning. He is more swollen then yesterday. The dialysis machine had a slight problem and the docs had to jimmy rig it last night. It will take an extra  two or three days to pull the fluid off but it is working now. The plasma exchange seems to have gotten most of the bacteria out but toxins are still in his body.

Just talked to kidney doctor, his fluid into & out is the same (very good news). Another Plasma exchange today, tomorrow and maybe continuing for a while. Some of the Toxins are leeched ino his tissue. He is starting to stablize. Lots of prayer needed. He is still in dangerous territory.

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