UPDATE Zak Scales Jan. 18

UPDATE Zak Scales Jan. 18

Zak update shared 01/18/13

Zak entered an isolated, pressurized transplant unit on January 3. Here he receives 3 very aggressive chemo treatments. Each treatment is followed by a stem cell (his own) transplant in efforts of helping his body recover from chemo quicker. The first chemo treatment was administered on January 4. A few days ago Zak got into trouble (breathing labored, blood pressure very high, kidneys not functioning at full capacity, etc.): a side effect of the aggressive chemo are sores inside his mouth, esophagus, stomach, and possibly throughout his gut.

The docs think that one of those sores burst causing bacteria to get into his blood. Unfortunately, the bacteria in his blood were not discovered for approx. 48hrs. The bacteria are antibiotic resistant. The fix for this is to put Zak on dialysis. This will help clean out the toxins in his blood that are left from dead bacteria. Dialysis also is helping to get rid of the excess fluid that is building up in his tissue and that is causing his capillaries to be over-full of fluid. The dialysis machine is getting clogged frequently with blood clots so medical staff have to stop, clean the machine, then continue dialysis.

Please pray that the machine becoming clogged would cease right away.

Another fix for getting the toxins out of his blood stream is that each day he has a plasma exchange.

Zak was put on a ventilator a few days ago to help with his breathing.

The docs think that b/c the sores are so great in his body that when the air hits the sores from taking a breath he is experiencing great pain.

He has been sedated in addition to having the ventilator so that his body can rest and hopefully so the sores will heal. Additionally, he is being given morphine to help ease the pain level.

Zak’s urine output is very minimal b/c his kidneys are barely working.

This and other things have caused him to retain a LOT of fluid. Last night they pulled out 20 ounces of fluid off his tummy but great cautioned much be exercised when during this. If fluid is pulled off his body too fast it can cause his blood pressure to drop to dangerous levels. Please pray that his blood pressure stays with in normal levels.

Yesterday the fluid level was a 28. Today this level is at 18. The desired numbers are between 10-15. Please pray that this fluid level continues to decrease.

This morning it was confirmed that bacteria are no longer showing up in his blood but that there are plenty of toxins left in his blood (the docs liken it to a tornado. The tornado (bacteria) is gone but now the debris (toxins) must be cleaned up. Prayer is needed that the toxins with be cleaned up as quickly as possible.

This morning the best news of all………………Zak’s neutrophil level is at 1100. This is an indicator that Zak’s immune system is kicking in for the first time since his chemo on January 4. Zak is not out of the woods and docs have told his parents that its possible he could not survive these problems. However, we will take all the hopeful news we can get at this point! Zak is in stable condition this morning.

Zak’s parents and grandmother are very tired in addition to being emotionally drained. Please pray for stamina, wisdom, rest, peace and discernment. They’re other children (Trystan, Cassidy, & Matthyew) are with them and seem to be doing well amidst this chaotic season in their life. Jennifer is experiencing dental problems so please lift her up in that regard as well.

Zak’s second birthday is approaching on February 7. Please pray for God’s will & complete healing in the life of this precious boy.


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