Corrie Reed’s Son, Cade, Hospitalized

Corrie Reed’s Son, Cade, Hospitalized

This from Corrie Reed via Pam Sites:

As I write this request I am staring at my sons O2 count. It needs to be close to 100 and tonight it is at 87-89.

Would you please add mine and Edgar’s baby Cade to the prayer list. He will be 9 months January 30.Over Christmas break he had flu B (did get his flu shot), followed up by Strep throat for New Years! He is now battling RSV/Bronchiolitis. We proactively admitted him into the hospital on Saturday morning as his breathing was labored and we were worried about dehydration. He stopped taking any and all liquids Friday. Saturday he had 2oz of formula, and Sunday he had 6. A usual day is around 30 oz. he is on IV fluids now. We are asking for prayers of healing for our son as well as guidance for his Doctor, nurses, and respiratory therapists.

We also ask for prayers of comfort for his breathing and that he will continue to regain his appetite so he can go back home with us to see his puppy dogs soon.

Edgar and I are tiring so I ask for prayers of rejuvenation for us as we’ll.

Please also pray for the families and kiddos of the other patients here at the children’s hospital that they may be comforted and protected as well. Two today have already been moved into NICU. These babies need prayers too.

Cade is contagious, so please support us with prayers for now.

Thanks a bunch,

Corrie Reed

Corrie and Edgar have requested no visitors.  You can leave a message here or send a card to:

Corrie and Edgar Reed
2026 Lowden
Abilene, TX 79603

2 thoughts on “Corrie Reed’s Son, Cade, Hospitalized

  1. May the Breath of Life breathe new life into Cade’s body and quench the weary and worried spirits of his precious parents. In the name of Jesus.

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