UPDATE Terry Minami’s Surgery

UPDATE Terry Minami’s Surgery

I received this from Alice Specht. Amy is Terry’s daughter.

The Surgeon just came in. Everything went well. They did the bypass of the stomach and small intestine. They were going to bypass a few other organs- the liver and near the kidneys (I can’t remember what they called it), but they were not able to. The cancer has surrounded the organs and cemented them in.

They were also going to remove the bad gallbladder (it has been giving her problems). But they are unable to because the cancer has completely covered the gallbladder. They are not able to see the gallbladder and they cannot cut into the cancer. So the gallbladder stays.

Mom had to have a feeding tube put in. We are not sure how long she will need to use it. It might be permanent. We will just have to wait and see how her body responds to this procedure.

It looks like the cancer is still very much alive and active. Chemo might need to start again in 4 weeks (we have to wait that long for the wound to heal). Chemo could happen in TX.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We will still be in the same room for the week as Mom recovers.


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