Joyce Bachert’s Uncle in ICU

Joyce Bachert’s Uncle in ICU

I received this from Joyce:

While we were out of town on vacation last week, my uncle Jim ended up in ICU in Midland. He had an infection caused by a kidney stone that caused him to become septic. His kidneys quit working completely, which caused heart, lung and electrolyte issues as he retained fluid. His heart rate went up so high, they had to shock him 3 times to get it slowed down last weekend. He nearly died last Sunday night. On Tuesday, his kidneys finally started functioning again, and small improvements started to show. He is still in ICU, and by no means out of the woods. His white blood cell count started climbing again Saturday, and his heart rate started to rise again Sunday. Right now, the meds they are giving him are working to keep it under control, and he is resting.

Please keep him in your prayers, along with my aunt, Carol and their son James. Pray for strength in his body to fight, for the antibiotics and other meds to do what they’re supposed to do, wisdom for the doctors, and for peace, strength, comfort and rest for the family members who are there by his bed, day in and day out.

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