Update on Terry Minami

Update on Terry Minami

I received this from Terry’s daughter Amy via Alice Specht:

We have had a very rocky 48 hours. I flew in on Saturday morning to do a surprise lunch birthday party for mom on Saturday afternoon. Mom was tired, I could tell it was a bit of a struggle. But I could also tell she really enjoyed the party.

Sunday morning came and her blood sugar had droppes way low. She tried to eat breakfast. Took her blood sugar again, found it was low again. A couple other red flag things were happening too. I called one of her doctors and she called ahead to the hospital so the would be expecting us. I got everyone in the car and we took a ride to the ER.

We were admitted late last night. Then a couple hours later, about 4AM, we were sent to ICU.

Mom has infection in her liver. She is having a drain tube placed into her liver. She will now have 3 tubes coming out of her. We are waiting for her to come back from that procedure now. We’ll wait to speak to the doctor’s and see how she does in the next 24-48 hours and wait for next steps.

We are in ICU, not a room. So we can’t give a room phone number. Mom can’t stay awake to talk anyway right now. They think she will be in her own room in a couple days. I will forward info when we ge t into a room and out of ICU.

As always, I do not have a return flight home yet. I will stay with mom until she is stronger.

Janice, does cliff have email? If so, would you please forward to him?


One thought on “Update on Terry Minami

  1. I met Terry while working at Albertson’s several years ago, and she just inspired me so much. I hope and pray she is better. I was amazed every week when she would come in the store to shop for her usual Sunday dinners with her kids from school. She is such a giving person. I lost touch with her after leaving that location, and I was fortunate enough to see her again a couple or three months ago in the store. She told me about her cancer. I was so sad to hear this. But as usual, she was still her upbeat, positive self, smiling that beautiful smile. I just wanted to say I miss her jolly conversation we had every week about what she was going to fix for her dinner. Please let her know I miss her and she is in my prayers daily. God bless her.

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