Campus Mourns the Death of Taylor Huff

Campus Mourns the Death of Taylor Huff

I met with the family last night as they arrived in town. It was an emotional moment for everyone, including Coach Burleson and Dr. Kelley who were both with me to minister to the family.
 At the moment they are still trying to process the trauma, and so no plans have been made yet for a funeral, which will probably be held somewhere in the metroplex. I’ll post arrangements here as soon as they are made.
 You can leave words of encouragement here, and I’ll send a link to the family so they can view them.
 Here is link to the official story on our site:
 And here is a copy of the letter I sent faculty and staff yesterday:

 Today has been a difficult day for many on campus as we grieve over the loss of HSU Senior Taylor Huff who was fatally struck by a car on Ambler early this morning.
 Dr. Rozeboom, Dean McMillan, and the rest of the resident life team have been working hard today to make sure that the students on campus have had access to all the support they need.
 The football team met this afternoon and heard from Coach Burleson and Dr. Kelvin Kelley. Many others were on hand as well to offer ministry as the team and coaches gathered to spend some time reflecting, grieving, and praying. As you can imagine, the impact of the trauma is still sinking in and they will need our comfort and support in the days ahead.
 Dr. Hall has issued this statement, “We were saddened to learn of Taylor Huff’s death. We are praying for God to comfort his family and friends during this difficult time.”
 No details have been made yet about funeral arrangements.
 Sadly, our HSU family has had to contend with similar losses in the recent past. And yet each time a great trauma comes our way we manage to respond with even greater love and compassion. And in this we find healing.
 “Now may The Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in all ways. The Lord be with all of you.. (2 Thess. 5:16)
 Kelly Pigott
 University Chaplain


64 thoughts on “Campus Mourns the Death of Taylor Huff

  1. There is no loss like your loss. There are no words to ease such grief, but words are all we have to offer, our HSU family’s shared sorrow knowing Jesus is at your side, his right hand upholding you, his healing touch more tender than words.

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Huff about two years ago. He was a sweet, kind and giving young man. He demonstrated Christian values and was not afraid to let God use him. We love him and will miss him dearly. Our heart aches for you. Please know we share in your loss and sadness. I pray god will give you Grace and comfort. ” Though He causes grief. yet He will show compassion” Lamentations 3:32

  3. I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the entire Huff Family. I did not know Taylor personally, but as an HSU Alumni I feel like I have lost a member of my extended family. I hope that you find peace in knowing that God has a plan for us all, and he is in total control. Please know that you have all the love, support and continued prayers from the entire HSU Family.

  4. Dear entire Huff Family thank you for sharing Taylor with my son and the rest of HSU. May the Lord comfort you during this time of grief.

  5. My name is Forrest McMillan and I am the Dean of Students at HSU. I knew Taylor in several capacities around campus but one of my favorite memories of him was in a class I taught. A few semesters back, I was fortunate enough to have Taylor in my Intro to Psychology Course. One class, we were covering a bit of material that wasn’t the most exciting and I noticed Taylor, who always sat on the front row, had closed his eyes. As I walked by him I gently tapped on the desk to get his attention and he immediately took notice. It didn’t even cross my mind again the whole class period. A day later, he made an appointment to come see me. He came into my office at the appointment time – I was unsure why he wanted to visit, and then and began to tell me how sorry he was for falling asleep in class. I joked with him a little and we had a fun conversation after – but his character was evident at that very moment to me. I have never had a student come in and apologize for something like that – but he took that little item (one that I had honestly forgotten about) so serious, that he felt he needed to make it right. I appreciated him for that and will never forget it. He was a very special man and one that I really enjoyed knowing.

    I pray comfort for your family! He will be missed, but his impact will remain enormous on the many lives he touched.

  6. Taylor was on pace to be a great man, he grew up right in front of my eyes and become one of my closet friends . He always knew how to cheer me up when I was down and could always make you laugh by just being himself, he is going to be miss truly, I wish you could’ve got to see my son, I hope that he can one day become as good as a man that you became bro!! Love you bro and miss you.. God has truly gain his angel!!

  7. Huff and I went to high school together and ended up at HSU. We would laugh because we couldn’t figure out how we ended up at the same University coming from Arlington. We never could figure it out, but whatever brought us to HSU, I’m glad it did. The 7.5 years of knowing Huff feels like a lifetime. He always played the role of my protector making sure everyone was treating me with respect. Huff, I thank you for that! I miss you dearly and really wish we could’ve graduated together as planned. I know you’ll be there next December with us as we walk across the stage, if only you could walk with us. I love you Huff and miss you dearly!

  8. Dear Huff family,

    Please accept our sincere condolences as we join you in mourning the passing of Taylor. The sudden, accidental passing of someone so young and full of life as Taylor is truly inexplicable. We cannot imagine the depths of the many emotions you are going through at this time. We can simply share our hearts and our faith with you. It is our prayer that the love, strength, and power of Christ finds His way into your hearts today and that He lifts you and carries you today, tomorrow, and always. You are in our prayers as well as the faculty and students of the Hardin-Simmons University Physical Therapy program

    Dennis and Janelle O’Connell

  9. Although I never had you in my class, I’ve always claimed you as one of my kids. I remember you on the periphery when your louder, more obnoxious teammates would come in my classroom to see if I had any snacks. And when they looked surprised that I used their mooching as an opportunity to fuss at them about their grades, you’d shake your head and smile that smile of yours because… once again, they fell for the trap.
    I remember you in the hallway as y’all were lined up for graduation. You gave me a super big smile and an even bigger hug when I told you “Congratulations. I’m proud of you”. Little did I know that the picture I took would be the only graduation picture I would get of you. If I had, I would have made sure that stupid “no smoking” sign wasn’t in the picture.
    I remember you walking across campus when I came to pick up Aaron to bring her back to Arlington for Homecoming. You abandoned your plans so that you could go with us to Rosa’s to eat. At dinner, when Jamal talked about losing his mom, you offered him heartfelt words of support. I think that dinner is why I love Rosa’s so much. It’s not because of the food…it’s because of the memories of that night. When we dropped you off back at campus, I promised you that I would come back for one of your football games. You said “Okay, but wait til I start getting some playing time. I don’t want you to waste a trip.” and hugged me goodbye.
    I remember that time you met me at IHOP for lunch when you came home for the weekend. For some reason, the syrup exploded all over the table…and we thought it was the funniest thing ever. We sat and talked about how school was going…and football…and once again, I promised to come out for a game. You said okay, but you’d understand if I didn’t come out.
    I remember getting your first Happy Mother’s Day text. I was confused that you sent me a text meant for your mom… so I asked you about it. You said “No, I meant it for you. You’re a mother to all of us.” I was actually speechless. Each year since, I’ve taken it for granted. Now I wish I had saved just one of those texts…because I’ll never get another one. And that makes my heart hurt.
    I remember coming to your game. I think I came in the wrong gate, because I ended up having to walk all the way around the track. At the time, I was kind of embarrassed, because I felt like I was in the way when y’all were coming off the field after warm-ups. Now, I’m so glad I came in that gate because I got to see the look in your eyes when you saw that I actually made it. It took me four years, but I finally kept my promise.
    After the game, you didn’t bat an eye when I said I wanted to eat at Rosa’s…or when I invited Aaron and Darren. Y’all talked about the Halloween party you were going to that night, and you looked at me and said “Don’t worry. We’ll be safe.” Honestly, it hadn’t even dawned on me to worry. You have always been the most responsible of my kids.
    I remember that Sunday night not even two weeks ago when I helped you renovate that hot mess of a research paper. When I gave you a hard time about learning nothing about research papers in Senior English, you said “I hate it. It’s the last one I’ll ever have to do.”
    Words can’t express how sad I am that you’re gone. Yes, I know that you’re in heaven and I’m sure you’re looking down and wondering what all the fuss is about….but I am just selfish enough to want you here. I want to be able to remember how you looked at your college graduation…what you said when you introduced your wife and kids to me at the Sam games…and how big you smiled when you stood next to your son at Senior Night. There’s a huge Huff-sized hole in the world…and I’m not sure how we’re going to go about filling it.

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