Funeral Arrangements for Terry Minami

Funeral Arrangements for Terry Minami

I received word from Amy that they plan on having an informal memorial service for Terri in Milwaukee in a few weeks. The family is using Krause Funeral home (9000 W. Capitol) and her ashes will be committed at Wisconsin Memorial Cemetery. They have yet to set a date and time.

She also plans on coming to Abilene in a few months for another memorial service for the HSU family.  I’ll post details about that as soon as they are made.

Here is a portion of the email she sent:

I want to start by telling you how very special each of you were to my Mom. We spoke every day (when we were not together in the same city). And everyday Mom had some great story to tell me about her HSU family. Every day. She loved her life with you. She loved feeling like she was making a difference in peoples lives. She thrived when she could do something for someone. You all gave her wonderful friendships and a place to call home. I will be forever grateful to you for providing this life for her to enjoy so much. I tried several times to get her to move up to DC with me, but she would not leave you. She loved the 40 acres and all its people.
From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all the things you have done for Mom through the years, but in particular through her 18 month battle with pancreatic cancer. The overwhelming outpouring of love, friendship, and support is what has carried us through this most difficult time in our lives. All the constant cards, flowers, boxes full of gifts, phone calls filled with love, videos, and encouragement always left us in awe. And it ALWAYS put a huge smile on my mom’s face. We cannot ever repay you. We can only be in debt to you. Thank you for always being there for us.

6 thoughts on “Funeral Arrangements for Terry Minami

  1. Please forward my sincere sympathy to Terri’s family in her passing. Sincerely, Charles Richardson


  2. Terry was such a special lady. From the days that I was a student, to the days she worked with me at HSU, she had a special place for me in her heart – and she always told me that and I always felt it. It was often a time where I needed to be uplifted that I would run into her in the SUB. She would seek me out, tell me of some of her dreams and ideas and would then usually wind up complimenting me for something I had no idea had an impact on her. She had a way of making you feel loved at the most needed times. She was a tremendous saint to our HSU campus and the people she knew and valued. She ministered to thousands of HSU students as well as the larger HSU family.

    My family loved her and we look forward to putting up Christmas decorations each year that she so carefully made. We will miss her deeply but will not forget her tremendous impact. Sean and Amy, we will be lifting you up in our thoughts and prayers!

  3. I worked with Terry and Alice briefly in 2003, while I was a student at HSU. What an impression Terry left on me!

    She was so full of life, love and joy! She was so proud of her cheese head! She made THE best homemade marinara sauce. She loved to make people smile! She loved her kids and bragged about them constantly.

    I’m saddened to hear that she will not be here to charm us with her bright smile any longer but am oh so glad to have known her. My thoughts, prayers and warm wishes are sent out to her family.

  4. From the moment I first met Terry, she did not let herself be a stranger to me. She always cared so much about me and my husband Ben, doing everything she could to encourage us and help us succeed. Her office was always open to us. One time, I was having car trouble – I think there was a bulge in my tire – and she drove behind me the whole way to the shop to make sure I was safe. I will never forget her smile, her enthusiastic stories, her listening ear, and her kind heart.

  5. I went to high school with Terry. She was special even then. We had the most fun walking through Brookfield Square and just hanging out together. I also stood up in her wedding. I’ll never forget the time we tried to curl her hair. This was when it went down to her waist. It held the curl for all of about three seconds :0). She was a good friend. We had lost touch over the years but re-connected on Facebook and I got to see her when she was in Wisconsin last year. I am so sorry to hear that she lost the battle. It hits too close too home. My Dad fought that same battle. Her wonderful smile will be missed.

  6. I had the privilege of meeting Terry recently and one thing is certain, she loved HSU and everyone she encountered. Even though I was a stranger, she embraced me as a family member because I was a HSU employee. My guess is, even if I hadn’t been a HSU employee, she would have treated me the same. She had the ability to draw you in during conversation and make you feel her love and enthusiasm. I have only met a few people like her in my life and her example of living life to the fullest and sharing her love and passion with a complete stranger is how I will fondly remember her.

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