UPDATE Linda Maurer

UPDATE Linda Maurer

 I received this from Randall:

 Dear Friends,
 I wanted to let you know that Linda did great this past week at Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas as she went through the process of collecting stem cells which will be used for treatment at the end of the month.
 She was given multiple doses of medications to stimulate stem cell production in her bone marrow and to release the cells into the bloodstream. In fact, because of the ice which prevented us from getting to the hospital, I had to give her multiple injections in our hotel room. I’m happy to report that I’m a natural at needling my wife.
 Last Monday morning she had a tri-catheter put into her chest that ran up into her neck. On Tuesday morning she was placed on a machine that filtered her blood to remove the stem cells and store them. She had bone aches and some dizziness which was expected. The typical length of time to be on the machine is 2-3 days for about 6 hours each day. They were hoping to collect 10 million cells during that time. This amount would be sufficient for 2 or 3 stem cell treatments.
 We came home early because it took only one day for them to collect 19 million cells!
 Linda always goes over and above what is expected.
 We will return to Dallas on Dec. 30. On Dec. 31 she will be given one dose of very powerful chemotherapy which will wipe out any remaining cancer cells as well as her entire bone marrow (that’s the scary part). Two days later 2 or 3 million of her stem cells will be returned to her through a simple transfusion. The stem cells will make their way to her bones and completely re-grow her bone marrow. We will be in Dallas for about one month.
 The doctors are quite confident she will be put into complete remission as a result. As always, it’s ultimately in God’s hands and we are ever confident of his abiding love and grace.
 Thank you for your love and prayerful support.

2 thoughts on “UPDATE Linda Maurer

  1. Continued prayers for smooth treatment and complete remission! Thanking God for all He is allowing man to learn and share through modern medicine and realizing the power of prayer ~ Thanks for the update. MERRY CHRISTMAS and safe travels over the next few weeks!

  2. This is great news…..your faith and love for each other is such an encouragement, thanks for sharing it with us!

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