UPDATE: Linda Maurer

UPDATE: Linda Maurer

I received this from Randall:

As so we face the worst of the side effects–boredom and cabin fever.

Linda has been a textbook case and has gone through the process as expected.  Her “birthdate” was January 2, 2014.  She is now at BD +9 as they like to document it.

She should start recovering her blood counts within a day or two.  BD +6 and BD +7 were her most tiring days. Nausea has come and gone throughout her time here but is managed and not too severe. She received a blood transfusion two days ago to address her low hemoglobin.  Yesterday she began to lose her hair.  Frankly, some have been impressed she’s held on to it this long.

No surprises and an overall boring case–just the way we all like it.  She should get out of the hospital sometime next week.  We will remain in the Dallas area a week or two after discharge.

As always we thank you very much for your love, prayers, and support.

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