UPDATE: Linda Maurer

UPDATE: Linda Maurer

I received this from Randall today:

After 15 long days of stem cell treatment, Linda was discharged from the hospital on Wed., January 15, 2014. It was her “birthday” + 12th day. She now has new bone marrow and her numbers are dramatically improving.
 She would have been out a day earlier if it wasn’t for a bout with “engraftment syndrome” which resulted in fever and a very uncomfortable rash. She is recovering from that fine and of course was well enough to be discharged.
 Yesterday and again today we enjoyed a drive around Dallas. It has been so good to get out of that hospital room. We have to say, though, that the medical staff at Southwestern Medical Center were very caring and competent. They truly made the experience bearable.
 We will remain in the Dallas area for another week or so. Linda will probably need some platelets tomorrow as they are the last to recover. We hope to get her venous catheter removed next week before heading home if her platelets recover sufficiently.
 Thank you for all the prayers. Linda has come through this about as well as anyone could. She feels great.

One thought on “UPDATE: Linda Maurer

  1. This is truly wonderful news! I have followed with interest your explanation of this process, and have been praying for her through it. God is good!

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