Update: Teresia Taylor

Update: Teresia Taylor

I received this from Teresia:

We now find ourselves well in to 2014 and already, I’m hearing many great news items from some of you. I’ll never share names, but, one of my oldest, dearest friends is engaged to be married in a couple of months. The London study semester group is off a d “walking” all over London. Another dear friend spent great time in New Orleans as did myMary Kay mentor. On and on. I was beyond excited every time I received an email or phone call or text from you, suggesting an upcoming trip to Houston. I say carpe Diem , so anyone, everyone is welcome to come for an hour, a day or a week. If I’m having a good week, I’ll share Houston adventures with you. The b&b is already booked for a weekend in early February. Thanks graciela. Yay!
 I’m busying myself doing almost nothing and not feeling too guilty: late mornings, lunch and dinner with Houston friends, marathon TV watching and book reading and even movies. I’m involved in three fun groups at St. martins: needlepoint which sells to benefit needy, prayer shawl ministry which speaks for itself, and a guided book group which speaks to my need to study great literature. Fyi, i also ATTEND church at sm’s. my neighbor betty has offered a precious gift: she steps up when dulce needs attention and im unable! She also cks almost daily to make sure im not in need of help. The oncologist released me to walk some, which I’m doing 20 minutes at a time for now.
 Current medical concerns: recent MRI indicated significant growth of sacral tumor which appears to be impinging into presacral soft tissue: no, no, no! A pet scan in early February will show us any new lesions in other organs, and whether the aforementioned growth is malignant or scar tissue from radiation in November. I’m feeling quite well right now, with all kinds of misc side effects from all the grief my poor body has endured, but not enough to whine! Actually the radiation oncologist suggested that I never whine and perhaps need to try that! Hee hee. Emotionally I’m not fretting over the what ifs. Spiritually, God and I are now on a first name basis.
 I love you dearly and pray that none of you ever need to learn personally how much friends love and support means!
 Teresia, January 2014

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