UPDATE: Preston Ray in NICU

UPDATE: Preston Ray in NICU

I received this update from Rob Sellers:

 Preston Ray (NOT Preston Lee, as has been written in some notifications) has been put back on the feeding tube a day ago—and the nurse practitioner put it back in right in front of parents Marnie and Bobby, so it was incredibly difficult for them to endure Preston’s screams—because of the concern that he was losing weight. The NP said that he was having to work so hard breathing and eating that he was stopping eating before finishing because he was just too tired to keep working at it. The plan was for every third feeding to be through the tube, with Marnie nursing the other two times. But yesterday, the NICU doc came by and said that starting today they were going to feed Preston on a cue-based schedule—i.e., whenever he gave cues that he was hungry, he would be given food, rather than on a strictly every-three-hour schedule. So we’ll see how this approach works. Please pray for Preston to turn the corner and begin to put weight back on, to eat more, and to get over his Strider’s condition (the noises he makes that indicates his difficulty with breathing) more quickly than expected. Also, please pray for Marnie and Bobby, who are totally exhausted, but who need to care for themselves during this stressful time. As Marnie put it, “My world only comes together when I’m there with our son holding and comforting him.” So, it’s very difficult for them to walk away from the NICU to return home to rest.
 Thanks for your continued interest and prayers,

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