Update on Linda Maurer

Update on Linda Maurer

I received this from Randall today:

Linda was admitted into the hospital yesterday. Her treatment has not gone well. The third medication we’ve tried has proven not only ineffective against the cancer but harmful to her in that it has reduced her platelets and hemoglobin drastically.
 We are in some ways at square one. In addition to receiving platelets and blood, Linda will be administered the first chemo she received almost a year ago to reduce the cancer. This chemo is very powerful and cannot be used very often but it is the only chemo that has helped her. After we get the cancer down and she is feeling better, we will be looking for alternatives. There are some other approved medications but the best course of action might be to enroll in a clinical trial either at UT Southwestern or MD Anderson. Of course, this will require much travelling probably on a weekly basis for months at a time. We of course will do what we have to do.
 I know you have prayed fervently for Linda. Do not be discouraged. Your prayers are heard and God is tenderly watching over us. This is by no means an easy time for us. We do get discouraged from time to time. But our lives, all of our lives, are in the hands of a loving God.

5 thoughts on “Update on Linda Maurer

  1. Please know Dennis and I are praying for you and your family. Prayer is powerful and we know the Lord is listening!

  2. Precious Maurer family, Linda’s health concern is being presented to our Great Physician daily and throughout the day. How we love the Maurer family, and of course Linda is so special to all of us in the Irvin family. I am praying for her treatments to effectively rid her body of the cancer and with diminished side effects.May God, our Great Physician, be at work even now. Blessings to the entire Maurer family.

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