Major Surgery for Emily Stogsdill, Steve Stogsdill’s Daughter

Major Surgery for Emily Stogsdill, Steve Stogsdill’s Daughter

I received this from Steve Stogsdill today:

Our daughter, Emily Stogsdill, who had a splenectomy last year, is doing well and continues to seem very normal.

However, the underlying cause of last year’s crisis has not been resolved. She has a very rare condition called Portal Vein Thrombosis.

We are traveling to Lurie’s Children’s Hospital in Chicago next week (March 4) for a procedure during Spring Break (March 11) that can correct the problem.

In simplest terms I can think of, the main blood vessel to her liver is blocked or restricted in some way, or never fully developed. This reduces liver function and increases the pressure on the blood vessels in her esophagus, spleen, and stomach causing varicese, or swelling in those areas, which led to hemorrhaging last year. She has not had any more bleeding since the splenectomy, but the condition persists.

Pray for Dr. Ricardo Superina and his staff at Lurie’s who have perfected the only restorative procedure for Emily’s condition and perform them regularly on children. He is one of only three doctors in the country who can do this. Most other specialists, including the ones we had in Texas last year, can only do temporary measures with the inevitable end result of a liver transplant.

The procedure in Chicago is similar to a heart bypass, but uses a jugular vein to bypass the restriction in the portal system, and reconnecting in the liver area.

If all goes as planned, she will be in the hospital for a week of recovery, then stay with my wife at the Ronald McDonald house for another week or two and a follow up appoint,net, then head home.

Please pray that the tests will show that Emily is a candidate for the procedure and that all goes well with the surgery.

Please continue to pray for God’s peace and providence. He got us through last year and I am amazed that I can write this as calmly as I am, and that we are all handling the stress well. I know without a doubt it the intervention of our heavenly Father and His honoring the prayers of His saints.

God has given us several verses through devotions and friends to encourage us:

Isaiah 26:3

Isaiah 58:8

Psalm 56:3

Psalm 91:11

Thank you.

Steve Stogsdill

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