Prayers for my family

Prayers for my family

God, I don’t know where to start. Everything seems hectic at times. However, today was a good day that started grim. Thank You, God. Thank you for turning my day around. My hope for my life and education was instilled once again. Though I am scared for the future and life after school, I am working to stay focused on what is front of me in present time. Although I have ignored a troubling situation in my family, I realized today that it is something that I cannot ignore. The truth hurts, God. I do not know how to deal with it. The last time this happened, the help that I gave seemed significant at the time, but pointless now. I learned that you are the only one that can help her. I don’t know if she will get help, but that is why I am praying to you. I don’t even know what to say because I feel so lost about the situation. God, please help my mother-in-law. The woman that is a very significant part of our lives. The woman that we wish was herself, and around more. It feels like a loss. A person that is still alive that does not act like them self. A person who cannot talk or think clearly. A person who stumbles around on their addiction. It upsets my husband to talk or think about it. It hurts to see him, and our family in pain from the situation. It breaks my heart. Nobody knows what to do. God, I cannot help someone who will not help themselves. I have tried. Can you? Can you put your glory and holy spirit on her? Will that help? I pray over again and once more. God, please heal my mom from her addiction. Put it on her heart to seek help, and to know that if she takes that step that You will provide to take care of things while she is away. God, will you please just destroy addiction in of itself… In Jesus name I pray, Forever & Ever, Amen.


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