Prayers for Savannah

Prayers for Savannah

Could you please add my niece, Savannah, to your prayer list?   She is 31 years old, married, with 3 children (ages:  11, 3, 4).  She was diagnosed with brain cancer last April (almost a year ago).  She had a very strategic brain surgery at that time and was in the hospital for several weeks followed by therapy.  She basically had to learn to walk and talk again.  She had chemo and radiation for several months and was on the road to recovery, or so we thought.  She had a Dr. appt. this week……..  the previous cancer has gotten smaller; however, now they have found a spot on the opposite side of her brain.  They will begin chemo again.  This whole situation has been tough on them….physically, emotionally and financially.  Her younger children have gone through a very hard time with various caregivers, etc.  Please wrap that entire family in your prayers!  Savannah is a Christian and her spirit has been great through all of this, but she needs all the prayer she can get at this time!

-Bonnie Powell

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