How Can I Help?

Here are a few practical things you can do as a ministry of encouragement to those in need.

“Like” the prayer entry

I know it’s a bit weird to “like” the fact that the person is hurting, but in this case you are showing that you care. And it can be an encouragement for them to see how many people are praying.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The best word of encouragement you can offer is to simply say that you care. More than anything else, those going through difficulties want to know that they are not alone. So let them know of your love and friendship and concern.
  • Quoting a verse of Scripture that offers a blessing. The Psalms, for example, are filled with wonderful words of grace.
  • You can also let them know what you prayed for…healing, peace, strength.

Things to avoid:

  •  Cliché’s (like “God never gives us more than we can handle”)
  • Your theological perspective on the matter (like “there must be a reason why this happened”)
  • Stories about how you went through something similar

While these things may be true and important, for many people who are hurting they can communicate that you are trivializing the matter or that you don’t understand what they are going through.




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